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    • 【逻辑CR】-15291 -OG17新题


      来源: 4613人已做 650难度 68.4%正确率

    • 【逻辑CR】-15290 -OG17新题


      来源: 5983人已做 680难度 56.3%正确率

    • 【逻辑CR】-15289 -OG17新题


      来源: 1995人已做 700难度 75.4%正确率

    • 【逻辑CR】-15288 -OG17新题

      Community activist; If Morganville wants to keep its central shopping district healthy, it should prevent the opening of a huge SaveAII discount department store on the outskirts of Morganville, Records from other small towns show that whenever SaveAII has opened a store outside the central shopping district of a small town, within five years the town has experienced the bankruptcies of more than a quarter of the stores in the shopping district. The answer to which of the following would be most useful for evaluating the community activisfs reasoning?

      来源:逻辑分类考点 1517人已做 650难度 74%正确率

    • 【逻辑CR】-15287 -OG17新题


      来源: 1981人已做 680难度 62.4%正确率

    • 【逻辑CR】-15286 -OG17新题

      Which of the following most logically completes the argument given below? People in isolated rain-forest communities tend to live on a largely vegetarian diet, and they eat little salt. Few of them suffer from high blood pressure, and their blood pressure does not tend to increase with age, as is common in industrialized countries, Such people often do develop high blood pressure when they move to cities and adopt high-salt diets. Though suggestive, these facts do not establish salt as the culprit in high blood pressure, however, because_______ .

      来源: 1369人已做 600难度 76.6%正确率

    • 【句子改错SC】-15153 -OG17新题


      来源: 8381人已做 650难度 70%正确率

    • 【数据充分DS】-15004 -OG17新题


      来源: 2209人已做 680难度 76%正确率

    • 【问题求解PS】-15003 -OG17新题


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    • 【数据充分DS】-14955 -OG17新题


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  • 【问题求解PS】

    There were 36,000 hardback copies of a certain novel sold before the paperback version was issued. From the time the first paperback copy was sold until the last copy of the novel was sold, 9 times as many paperback copies as hardback copies were sold . If a total of 441,000 copies of the novel were sold in all, how many paperback copies were sold?

  • 【逻辑CR】

    【OG20-P580-669题】Rainwater contains hydrogen of a heavy form called deuterium. The deuterium content of wood reflects the deuterium content  of rainwater available to trees during their growth. Wood from trees that grew between 16,000 and 24,000 years ago in North America contains significantly more deuterium than wood from trees growing today. But water trapped in several North American caves that formed during that same early period contains significantly less deuterium than rainwater in North America contains today.Which of the following, if true, most helps to reconcile the two findings?

  • 【问题求解PS】

    If p is the product of the integers from 1 to 30, inclusive, what is the greatest integer k for which 3k is a factor of p? 

  • 【阅读RC】

    【OG18-P387-455题】According to the passage, each of the following is a difference between women’s oral narratives and most standard histories EXCEPT:

  • 【句子改错SC】

    Such orb-weaving spiders like the argiope build webs in an essentially wheel-like structure, with an outer rim and a number of spokes emanating from the hub.

  • 【逻辑CR】

    【OG20-P607-754题】Vargonia has just introduced a legal requirement that student-teacher ratios in government-funded schools not exceed a certain limit. All Vargonian children are entitled to education, free of charge, in these schools When a recession occurs and average incomes fall, the number of children enrolled in government-funded schools tends to increase. Therefore, though most employment opportunities contract in economic recessions, getting a teaching job in Vargonia's government-funded schools will not be made more difficult by a recession.Which of the following would be most important to in order to evaluate the argument? 

  • 【逻辑CR】

    【OG20-P606-751题】NorthAir charges low fares for its economy-class seats, but it provides very cramped seating and few amenities. Market research shows that economy passengers would willingly pay more for wider seating and better service, and additional revenue provided by these higher ticket prices would more than cover the additional cost of providing these amenities. Even though NorthAir is searching for ways to improve its profitability, it has decided not to make these improvements. Which of the following, if true, would most help to explain NorthAir's decision in light of its objectives?

  • 【逻辑CR】

    【OG20-P602-740题】Studies in restaurants show that the tips left by customers who pay their bill in cash tend to be larger when the bill is presented on a tray that bears a credit card logo. Consumer psychologists hypothesize that simply seeing a credit-card logo makes many credit card holders willing to spend more because it reminds them that their spending power exceeds the cash they have immediately available.Which of the following, if true, most strongly supports the psychologists' interpretation of the studies? 

  • 【逻辑CR】

    【OG20-P602-739题】Between 1980 and 2000 the sea otter population of the Aleutian Islands declined precipitously. There were no signs of disease or malnutrition, so there was probably an increase in the number of otters being eaten by predators. Orcas will eat otters when seals, their normal prey, are unavailable, and the Aleutian Islands seal population declined dramatically in the 1980s. Therefore, orcas were most likely the immediate cause of the otter population decline.Which of the following, if true, most strengthens the argument?

  • 【逻辑CR】

    【OG20-P601-736题】Many people suffer an allergic reaction to certain sulfites, including those that are commonly added to wine as preservatives. However, since there are several winemakers who add sulfites to none of the wines they produce, people who would like to drink wine but are allergic to sulfites can drink wines produced by these winemakers without risking an allergic reaction to sulfites.Which of the following is an assumption on which the argument depends? 

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